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55-5106 Pilates Home Studio By Stamina Products

Best of all, because the Cardio Rebounder exercises are done lying down, you won’t feel the stress on your joints compared to a treadmill

55-5107 Pilates Home Studio By Stamina Products

Get everything you need for a holistic Pilates experience with the Pilates Home Studio Reformer 5107 by AeroPilates.

Aeropilates 5-Cord Reformer Pro 5103 By Stamina Products

The adjustable strap length and adjustable pulley risers allow for your Reformer to accommodate users of all heights

Aeropilates 701 Premier Reformer By Stamina Products

Level 1 Pure Pilates" and "Simply Cardio" provide detailed routines to help you achieve optimal health

Aeropilates Home Studio Reformer 392 By Stamina Products

The pulley risers are height-adjustable, allowing you to alter the angle of the hand and foot straps for easy access

Aeropilates Home Studio Reformer 393 By Stamina Products

Bounce with the Patented Cardio Rebounder for a fun, simple way to burn fat and strengthen the pelvic floor

Aeropilates Home Studio Reformer 394 By Stamina Products

This Reformer includes four elastic bungee resistance cords allow you to customize your intensity level on upper body, lower body and core workouts

Aeropilates Premier Studio 700 By Stamina Products

The AeroPilates Premier will tone and tighten every muscle while lengthening your spine, retraining your body, and allowing you to move efficiently and gracefully.

Aeropilates Pro Reformer 5105 By Stamina Products

The Cardio Rebounder provides a fun, effective exercise that tones your legs, improves your pelvic floor and flattens the stomach

Aeropilates Reformer 287 By Stamina Products

The three cords allow you to customize your intensity on upper body, lower body and core Pilates workouts

Aeropilates Reformer 651 By Stamina Products

The 651 includes a large AeroPilates stand to raise it off the ground, Cardio Rebounder, furry hand and foot straps and a padded, 20-inch wide platform

Aeropilates Reformer By Stamina Products

The upgraded pulley system is smooth and easy to adjust, ensuring your arm and leg sessions are more enjoyable